Friday, May 17, 2013

Things are getting real up in here......

Hello friends! I can't believe I am really saying this, but "The Family Flavor" is done! We finished everything a few weeks ago and everything is being designed and laid out and getting ready for the big debut on Amazon. To say that it is surreal is an understatement. This book is like my baby, gestation 2 years. I often joke with Sheena that when the book arrives on my front step and I get to actually hold it in my hands, I will drop to my knees and cry like a baby. But honestly, I probably really will! This book is my heart.

We are expecting to go live on Amazon in the first weeks of June. Currently, the process is a lot of approving this and that and saying what we like and don't like with the design. I can promise you this- THIS BOOK IS A BEAUT! You will love it as much as me.

So stayed tuned. Things are getting real up in here!

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