Saturday, July 30, 2011

Anything for the shot

Sheena, on my table, 
taking pictures of my food. 
Not an unusual sight. 

Thoughts currently swirling around my head:

Creative idea for a new rice crispie treat recipe.

Another recipe idea for a bake. 
I say bake because the word "casserole" makes me think of 
cream of something soup slippy sliding out of a can. Eww. 

What television show I am supposed to get hooked on
now that I finished "Friday Night Lights".


  1. this is so great!

    you have the best photographer. skilled and dedicated!

    I really can't wait until this cookbook comes out.

  2. hahah - love it because I've done this before too!

  3. That is an awesome behind the scenes photo.

  4. Mmm. Here's an idea that sounds amazeballs to me and you just might be the lady to do it. I've always thought a caramel rice krispie treat would be divine. I can already taste it. Ready .. Set.. Go!
    Let me know when you want me to taste-test.