Friday, April 22, 2011

34 and rolling right along

 The other night, I counted how many recipes I have done. Done as in developed, tested, edited and written. 34! That is about a 1/3. The goal is 100 recipes, which can feel overwhelming. But seeing 34 done is inspiring! 

What recipes am I doing? What can you expect? You can expect some of my old favorites from my blog and a ton of new ones. And yes, I have taken those ones down from the blog. I know, rude rude. But after going through them, I saw that they have a lot of errors and room for improvement. So your favorites will be back with improved writing and a MUCH better picture. And yes, we can go ahead and talk about my lack of quality pictures on Rookie Cookie. But hey, I can only do so much with my little pink Sony Cybershot. 

The cookbook pictures are EONS better than the ones on my old blog. Sheena and I meet once a week to shoot a few recipes and each week, we are turning out some beautiful photos. For example, here are a few quick shots of my hands rolling up an egg roll during our most recent photoshoot.

Pretty, eh? And before I tossed some mushrooms in a pan for a dish, I told Sheena we needed a picture of them. I am not a mushroom fan, but I can appreciate their flavor and pretty colors and textures. Who would have thought the simplicity of a mushroom could be so beautiful?

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  1. Which reminds me that I still have a recipe to test out. Sorry for taking so long. Der.